Our curriculum

We recognise the value and richness of play as a catalyst for children’s learning and their ongoing engagement in meaningful experiences.

Play is a vital part of every child’s life and is the way they make sense of their world.  It is the basic ingredient for learning, develops new skills and stimulates intellectual growth.

When children play they approach experiences with interest, ownership, empowerment and possibility.

Play allows children to make sense of real-life situations, to develop awareness of themselves and others, to explore, investigate and experiment and to be actively involve in learning.

Play allows children to develop self-confidence, express their ideas and feelings in many different ways, inhabit imagined situations, collaborate with others, develop relationships, consolidate previous learning and be challenged in new learning.

Groundbreaking research, the Early Years Study commissioned by the Government of Ontario, Canada concluded:

‘Play-based problem-solving with other children and an adult is an early learning strategy that has a crucial effect on early brain development and should be the format for children entering the school system.’

The Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being & Becoming

The Stones Corner Community Kindergarten programme follows the Australian Government’s The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia – Belonging, Being & Becoming. 

It is Australia’s first National Early Years Learning Framework for early childhood educators.The aim of the document is to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school.

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG)

The QKLG provides a framework aligned to the EYLF and is designed to support teachers plan and implement quality teaching and learning specifically for the year before children start formal schooling. All documents support the goal that all young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, active and informed citizens and contribute to Australia’s commitment for improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Listening and Learning together: C&K Curriculum Approach

Aligning closely within the Australian and Queensland frameworks is Listening and Learning together: C&K’s Curriculum Approach

The purpose of this document is to set out values, commitments and visions for children’s learning that underpin curriculum in C&K services and to support educators to bring these to life in ways that realise the expectations described in the EYLF and QKLG documents. The C&K Approach is a professional resource for all educators that work with and alongside children from birth through to school transition.

Stones Corner Community Kindergarten (SCCK) Values

We value:

Relationships: positive connections that enable respectful and authentic relationships.

Children: Children as capable co-contributors and nurture their agency within our environment.

Learning: the importance of play within our curriculum through child-led exploration, curiosity, and learning.

Nature: the freedom and benefits that our natural environment provides the children.

Inclusivity: A sense of belonging for children and our Kindy community.

Stones Corner Community Kindergarten (SCCK) Philosophy

SCCK, is committed to empowering and valuing children’s agency by providing and embedding best pedagogical and holistic practices through play-based learning within a safe & sustainable environment.  As the children explore, connect and contribute within the flow program Educators are able to observe and extend to maximise children’s engagement and positive experience.

SCCK is committed to providing above standard educators who are long standing highly qualified & experienced, they are dedicated, reflective, responsive, respectful and encouraging to all.

SCCK is committed to providing collaborative partnerships that acknowledges, respects, values and includes all stakeholders, families, first nations people, local communities and governing bodies, building a sense of belonging, continuous improvement, with inclusive environments and outcomes.

SCCK embraces nature for the freedom and benefits that our natural environment provides the children.

Our Educators & Staff

All staff participate in ongoing professional development and are committed to providing a high quality, inclusive, and welcoming educational environment with strong links to the local community and schools.

The teaching staff is responsible for the education, welfare and development of children, while administration rests with the elected management committee.

In addition, our Kindergarten employs a part-time administration assistant and a contract cleaner.

There is a staff/children ratio of 3 staff members to 25 children for both kindergarten groups at all times. This is exceeded regularly.

Meet our teachers & assistants

Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron

Director/Teacher Group A (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies
Bachelor of Primary
Bachelor of Teaching
Masters Special Education

Meg Richards

Meg Richards

Teacher Group B (Alt. Wed, Thu, Fri)

Bachelor of Education (Pre-Service Early Childhood)
Studying towards Graduate Certificate of Education (Early Years)

Silvana Fick

Silvana Fick

Senior Assistant Group B and Administrative Assistant (Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

Dip. Early Childhood Education and Care 8th year at Stones Corner Kindergarten

Julia Bruce

Julia Bruce

Additional Assistant Group A (Mon, Tue)

Studying Masters of Early Childhood

Alyssa Stewart

Alyssa Stewart

Assistant Group B (Thurs, Fri)

Certificate III Early Childhood